Windows Phone

On this page you can software for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Platform.

eSec Image
eSec - Secure Storage is a digital wallet and password safe application to store passwords, accounts and other sensitive data in an easy but secure way.
NaviDash Image
Navidash is a GPS navigation dashboard with ADF and VOR like indicators, which allow the navigation to specified waypoints (i.e. Geocaches).
SeaMap Image
The SeaMap App allows the usage of OpenSeaMap on your Windows Phone device.
Economic Calendar Image
The Economic Calendar app is a tool for stock, cfd or forex traders, providing information on all kinds of economic events throughout the world which are having an effect on stockmarkets and forex rates (i.e. intrest rates, consumer price indices, ...).
NaviDash Image
Affilinet2Go allows you to quickly check your Affilinet publisher statistics right from your Windows Phone device.
POI Assistant Image
The POI Assistant app allows you to find points-of-intrest (i.e. ATMs, gas-stations, ...) in your current neighborhood.
MathPlot Image
MathPlot is a simple application to plot up to 3 mathematical functions in one chart.
Chinese Checkers Image
A simple variation of the Chinese Checkers board game for Windows Phone 7.