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Navidash is a GPS navigation dashboard with ADF and VOR like indicators (see screenshots), which allow the navigation to specified waypoints (i.e. Geocaches).

As there is currently no API available to access the device compass, the program currently only uses the orientation supplied by the GPS device (which is unfortunately only useful during movement).

v1.1 Changes:

  • - Speedup of display and rendering
  • - About page with privacy policy information

v1.2 Changes:
  • - Support for different types of distance units (km, NM, mi)
  • - Coordinates can be shown in different ways (decimal, degrees+minutes+seconds, degrees+minutes)

v1.3 Changes:
  • - Update on rendering code for compass support
v1.3.0.1 Changes:
  • - Bugfix displaying compass direction value
v1.4 Changes:
  • - Bugfix for error on loading saved waypoints
  • - Splashscreen added


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