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eSec - Secure Storage


eSec - Secure Storage is a digital wallet and password safe application to store passwords, accounts and other sensitive data in an easy but secure way. eSec uses 256bit AES encryption which is state of the art encryption technology. Trial version will run 14 days.

A free eSec desktop version is available.

v1.1 changes:
  - categories and items are sorted by name
  - new icons added
  - bug with double back button press fixed

v1.2 changes:
  - backup / transfer feature via Dropbox
  - new about page with privacy policy

v1.3 changes:
  - fix for Dropbox backup feature (support for OAuth authentication)
  - tap and hold context menu
  - startup splash screen

v1.4 changes:
  - fix for Dropbox OAuth authentification

v1.5 changes:
  - bugfix for error when trying to edit element with no icon set

v1.6 changes:
  - several bugfixes

v1.7 changes:
  - support for Skydrive up-/download
  - several bugfixes

v1.8 changes:
  - small interface updates
  - SkyDrive to OneDrive renaming


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Paid 0,99 €
Download eSec for Windows Phone 7